Stand Like a Tree Retreat Kate Gilday and Nancy Phillips/Deposit


Kate Gilday,  beloved teacher, friend, mentor and kindred spirit. With a voice like an angel and a radiant heart to match, Kate is a joy and a healing force just to be around. She is a clinical herbalist, flower essence practitioner and creator, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and teacher. A creative medicine maker, Kate is the founder of Woodland Essence, a forest botanicals and flower essence company and workshop center. Kate is well-loved for the clarity and clinical relevance gleaned from decades of experience in her teachings. 

Kate will help deepen our understanding of Ayurveda philosophy and practices as well as share her love and the healing secrets of the forest. She’ll also teach us the meditative art of making pine needle baskets. Nancy will take us into the kitchen and teach us how to prepare healing foods and herbal preparations to help us stay in balance during the fall and winter months. Using the trees as our inspiration, we’ll practice yoga and breath work to help us root and ground to Mother Earth as we connect and cultivate our own inner strength, courage, and flexibility. Connecting with Nature, Spirit, and our own radiant core we heal ourselves and become a strong source of strength for others and the planet.

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