The Farm 

Heartsong Farm is located in the lovely mountains of Northern New Hampshire.

859 Lost Nation Road, Northumberland, NH 03582

When we first walked down the long winding driveway and saw the 1860 farmstead with the winding brook running through the property and the open land for gardens, our hearts were singing and we knew this was the place we wanted to make our nest. 

That was over thirty years ago and we have been living and loving the land here ever since. The farm, like a garden or one’s life, is always evolving. In the beginning we helped launch the local farmer’s market and sold vegetables, then we started one of the first CSA’s in the state. Over the years we shifted to spend more time establishing our organic apple orchard, and  herb farm.

All along we have felt compelled to not only live a life we love on the farm, but to share this peaceful place on the planet and to teach what we consider life skills to others to enhance their quality of life and the health of the Earth.  Co-creating with nature to build healthy soil, growing, cooking and preserving nutrient dense food, ethically wildcrafting medicinal herbs, growing and using healing herbs for health and vitality,  are all lifelong themes that we love doing, teaching, consulting, and writing about.

Recently we added a 30 foot yurt to the property to enable us to teach larger groups and to hold weekend retreats and intensives. Now you can come to Heartsong Farm Wellness Center for workshops, yoga classes, retreats, herbal education programs, organic gardening and orcharding intensives, and holistic health coaching. We continue to evolve and enjoy sharing what we learn along the way with you. We also love hosting guest teachers who are experts in their fields. We look forward to having you join us!

The Farm  859 Lost Nation Road, Northumberland, NH 03582

Heartsong Farm is located in the lovely mountains of Northern New Hampshire.


What’s Happening at the Farm

Join us for a Holistic Orchard Intensive Workshop Weekend, an Herbal Apprenticeship,
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times 8 month course, a Radiant Women’s Retreat, a yoga class, or to buy local heirloom apples in the fall. We are also hosting a Flower Essence Practitioner’s Course with Kate Gilday and Healing the Healers Retreat with Rocio Alarcon this season. 

“I absolutely would recommend your programs to anyone who is interested in plants/herbs, making medicine and enjoys being outside connecting with the Earth. For me, the time spent on the farm was time where I could slow down, not worry about phone calls/emails and really be in tune with my surroundings; learn how all these plants can be beneficial-even the “weeds”. And connect with the Earth on a deeper, more spiritual and healing level. It just feels good to get your hands in the dirt and really interact with Nature on an intimate level.

You and Michael have an absolutely beautiful farm. There was a certain sense of peace and security I felt when I was there. I felt grounded. Felt connected to something bigger, more important than the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life. There’s so much life, beauty and healing that goes on there. You have so much knowledge to pass on and are so passionate about your work; I look forward to attending workshops in the future.”

~Mycah  2016 

Nancy Phillips

I’m a passionate herbalist, holistic health coach, yoga instructor, natural foods cook, and avid gardener who loves sharing these teachings and practices with others. I delight in guiding people on their path to finding more peace, joy, and vitality.

As we heal and nourish ourselves we have more to give and are better able to support and care for our families, communities and world. So… I encourage you to take steps to care for yourself, it leads to more peace, love and balance on the planet!

Join me for yoga classes, retreats, and holistic health workshops. Gain support, encouragement and skilled guidance in integrating nourishing foods, healing herbs, joyful movement and simple habits into your life through one of my coaching programs.  I would be honored to be a guide on your path and encourage you to let your heart sing!

My Training and Philosophy

 Just like you, I am on a lifetime journey of ongoing transformation, always learning and growing.

I’m passionate about supporting women in finding more peace, joy, and vitality. That sounds pretty lofty! How do I go about doing that?

First of all by encouraging you to listen to your inner wisdom and to nudge you to let your heart sing! You are a spark of the Divine with your own innate gifts, constitution, and vulnerabilities, so we’ll develop a wellness plan together that honors your uniqueness, your lifestyle and your intentions. I’ll guide you in taking small steps that will make a lasting impact on your health and vitality. 

 Let’s see if we are a good fit to work together……

  • Are you motivated to make positive changes in your life?
  • Would you like help sorting out the confusing information about health and nutrition?
  • Would you like a guide on your health care team who suggests healing herbs, whole delicious food, and joyful movement as your medicine?
  • Would you like to learn more about using natural remedies and simple habits to reduce stress, enhance digestion, promote sleep, increase immunity and have more energy?
  • If this rings true to you, I’d love to hear more about you and help you achieve your goals.

About me and my story….

My path has spiraled around, giving me a rich tapestry of education, training and experience which all come together in my work in holistic healing (i.e. helping people like you).

I draw from the ancient teachings of Herbalism, Ayurveda and Yoga and combine these with the best of modern science to help you thrive with more peace, joy and vitality.

A few core beliefs that influence my work….

  • A human life is precious and worth living well!
  • Living in harmony with the seasons and rhythms of the earth makes us feel better.
  • Each of us is blessed with a unique constitution; what is right for some (food, exercise, meditation, etc.) might not be right for you. Yet, there are some basic keys to health and well being.
  • Using our intuition about what deeply nourishes us and following a few guidelines for eating, brings about vibrant health (for us and the planet.) I like Michael Pollan’s suggestions…. “Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Break the rules once in a while! No need to be obsessive!
  • Learning the healing qualities and uses of local plants is a life skill that everyone deserves to know. I love sharing these teachings.
  • Exercise is good for us and should be fun! I believe in joyful movement for everyone. I love yoga, walking, hiking, swimming, skiing, and snowshoeing. I look forward to hearing what you love.
  • When we love and take care of ourselves we have more to give to others and the planet.
  • Last, but certainly not least, I have a strong belief that none of us feels completely whole and healthy without nourishing our spirits. I would be honored to support you in deepening your connection to the Earth and Spirit and encouraging you to let your heart sing!

Formal Education and Training for those that want more details…..

  • Degree in Social Work and experience as a behavioral specialist /counselor
  • Education and experience as a professional teacher with adults and children
  • Advanced Herbal Training and many years of work experience with Rosemary Gladstar, Sage Mountain
  • Training, certification and work as a Holistic Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)
  • Training, certification and work as a Yoga Instructor (Heart Space Yoga Center)
  • 200 Hour Certification in Ayurveda from The Ayurveda Center of Vermont
  • Living and working on our diversified organic farm for over 30 years with my husband and daughter has given me invaluable life lessons and a passion for eating, growing, cooking and preserving vibrant healthy food and herbs.

I look forward to sharing these teachings with you to help empower you to take charge of your own health. Contact me today and we’ll set up a time to talk.  

 Connect with me Today

For your free discovery consultation and for more information about my coaching programs. This could be just what you need to get on the right track for more peace, joy and vitality!

“I first encountered The Herbalist’s Way many years ago as I navigated my own herbal path. When I began teaching the Community Herbalist program at my school a decade ago, I knew this text was the best resource I could offer my students. Nancy and Michael eloquently articulate the many meandering paths of the herbalist’s journey, weaving in voices of the elders in the field and offering the reader an inspiring and practical handbook through which to try on the many hats of an herbalist and discern their own unique niche.

Rich with equal parts technical guidance and spiritual inspiration, every reader is sure to feel their roots deepening in relationship to the earth through this book. Even the most seasoned herbalist will find meaningful advice and uplifting inspiration from its pages.  I recommend it for every student of the plants seeking more authentically in their personal journey.”

~Emily Ruff, Director of The Florida School for Holistic Living and the Florida Herbal Conference. 

 Michael Phillips

 Our beloved “Green Man”, apple guy and earth steward Michael Phillips passed on to the Great Mystery that awaits us all last February 2022. Please go here to read some of the beautiful memorials people have shared.

 You can still order his books,   The Holistic Orchard, The Apple Grower and Mycorrhizal Planet in our shop and we are still offering an Apple Intensive Growers Workshop this June with Todd Parlo.  See the details under WORKSHOPS & COURSES.

The Holistic Orchard Network that Michael founded is still a great resource for growing apples organically and holistically.

There is a great team of orchardists and a web master continuing the work at the Holistic Orchard Network. 

  • Need help with your apple tree(s)?  The Holistic Orchard Network has consultants.
  • Looking for advice on holistic methods? HON has a research library.
  • Interested in what other orchardists are doing? You can read about others and connect with them through the HON. 



Learn More

The Lost Nation Orchard website needs to be updated since Michael’s passing. It is on the list!

Gracie Phillips

Gracie is a farmer, gardener, herbalist, and lover of nature. She believes that nourishing fresh food should be accessible to all and that having a relationship with our food and the earth makes for a healthier community and planet. Growing up at Heartsong Farm is where she developed her love of working with the earth and growing, and eating, tasty fresh foods.

She graduated with honors from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA. After college she spent time traveling, exploring herbalism, sustainable farming practices, and working with food. She currently manages the orchards and gardens here at the farm and educational center. She also helps teach and host educational programs about herbalism, orcharding, and sustainable living.

Gracie also loves working with local non-profit organization, Taproot, as their Food Access Coordinator, supporting other local farmers, and helping those in her community have better access to fresh food. Taproot’s programs support three impact areas: economic viability, restorative food systems, and environmental education.

She has been Rocio Alarcon’s student and teaching assistant at workshops and conferences for several years, and has spent time volunteering at the Iamoe Center in Ecuador. She helps as a trip coordinator for the Iamoe Center. She has a deep love for both the jungle and the Andes Mountains, and is so excited to return to Ecuador and help share these powerful places, and Rocio’s teachings, with others.

Interested in an adventuresome, educational trip to Ecuador?

Travel with Rocίo Alarcón G. Ph.D, Philosophy-Ethnopharmacology, and Traditional Healer. Rocio’s life changing trips to her homeland in the Andes and her center in the Amazonian rain forest are a wonderful opportunity to travel with like-minded people and experience Ecuador with traditional healers and those that love and know the land first hand.

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