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Radiant Women’s Retreat Weekends

We are blessed to have good friends and amazing teachers come and co-teach with Nancy come join us.  

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 Our Radiant Women Retreats are designed to inspire, nurture, and replenish you. Come connect with kindred spirits and your own natural rhythms through yoga, Ayurveda, healthy and delicious meals, meditation, song, herb walks and the chance to absorb the teachings of our wise mentors. The heart of the retreats is to explore and incorporate practices into our lives to nourish, love, and heal ourselves so we are more able to nurture, heal, and be of service to others. Nancy, along with our guest teachers, are sure to make each weekend nourishing, inspiring, educational and empowering. 

ra·di·ant   adjective    sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.
Come shine up and reveal your inner and outer radiance!

“Thank you for bringing such a beautiful group of life affirming sisters together this weekend for the deep sharing and learning.  I am still processing the total mind-body- heart and soul experience.  Wow!  It’s lifted me to a new and unexpected level!  I so appreciate you for making it happen!  Your farm and family were a big part of that experience and hold a special place in my heart as I felt embraced by all of you and by the land itself!  It is apparent to me that the land is happy to have all of you as its stewards for 30 years!  The food was delicious and so nutritious and well prepared!  I will be back next year and hope my daughter will be with me. Holding you in my grateful heart.”
   ~Katie Pickens 2019

Both Men and Women Welcome!

Keeping Your Brain Brilliant Retreat

with Charis Lindrooth and Nancy Phillips
Dates: July 15 and 16th , 2023

 We all want our brains to be healthy and vibrant, and during this weekend retreat we’ll learn strategies to do just that.  If you are experiencing or are concerned about brain fog, memory loss, poor concentration, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, or other brain related imbalances come learn tools to reclaim and preserve your brain’s health and vitality. 

The brilliant and inspiring Charis Lindrooth will join Nancy to enlighten us on current research, lifestyle choices, and daily practices that enhance brain health.  

Charis Lindrooth,  is a doctor of chiropractic, herbalist, and the founder and director of BotanicWise, the popular platform dedicated to authentic herbal education https://www.botanicwise.com/. Charis also is the director of the BotanicWise Women’s Herbal Gathering and Allies for Plants ConferenceCharis is a joy to be with, so we have no doubt you will be inspired, educated and empowered by her wisdom, charm, and grace.   

During this retreat Charis will address the following…

🌿 How to boost memory and cognition and beat brain fog

🌿 How to protect your brain as you age gracefully

🌿 Daily habits you can easily incorporate to support better brain function

🌿 How to choose the best plants to support your unique journey with brain health

🌿 Specific protocols that address memory, cognition and disease prevention

Now is the time to give your brain a little TLC! Join us and take the first steps to keep your brain healthy and vibrant.

Included for all participants…

🌱 Keeping Your Brain Brilliant Easy Notetaking Guide

🌱 Recipes for brain-supportive tonics and meals

🌱 Access to all video recordings of the sessions

🌱 A delicious, organic lunch on both days (we can accommodate dietary restrictions)

🌱 Garden tours, meditation space and access to the beautiful grounds of Heartsong Farm

This retreat is an opportunity to educate yourself as well as rejuvenate and relax. Enjoy great folks and delicious food (with a focus on brain health, recipes included). There will be some lecture, but also hands on activities and experiential  learning. Nancy will lead us through a gentle yoga practice designed to enhance brain function and easy enough to do at home later on your own.  She’ll also lead us into her gardens and meadows to meet, harvest, and create tonics from plants renowned for enhancing brain health.  Come connect with Nature, Spirit, and your own innate radiance and brilliance. 

Cost $295 includes teachings, materials and a delightful lunch on both days


Join Charis and Nancy for our Keeping Your Brain Brilliant Retreat