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Radiant Women’s Retreat Weekends

We are blessed to have good friends and amazing teachers come and co-teach with Nancy come join us.  

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 Radiant Women Retreats are designed to inspire, nurture, and replenish you. Come connect with kindred spirits and your own natural rhythms through yoga, Ayurveda, healthy and delicious meals, meditation, song, herb walks and the chance to absorb the teachings of our wise mentors. The heart of the retreats is to explore and incorporate practices into our lives to nourish, love, and heal ourselves so we are more able to nurture, heal, and be of service to others. Nancy, along with our guest teachers, are sure to make each weekend nourishing, inspiring, educational and empowering. 

ra·di·ant   adjective    sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.
Come shine up and reveal your inner and outer radiance!

“Thank you for bringing such a beautiful group of life affirming sisters together this weekend for the deep sharing and learning.  I am still processing the total mind-body- heart and soul experience.  Wow!  It’s lifted me to a new and unexpected level!  I so appreciate you for making it happen!  Your farm and family were a big part of that experience and hold a special place in my heart as I felt embraced by all of you and by the land itself!  It is apparent to me that the land is happy to have all of you as its stewards for 30 years!  The food was delicious and so nutritious and well prepared!  I will be back next year and hope my daughter will be with me. Holding you in my grateful heart.”
   ~Katie Pickens 2019

Radiant Women Retreat: Blossom Like a Flower
with  Rosemary Gladstar and Nancy Phillips
Dates: July 24-25, 2021   (This Retreat was awesome and we recorded it so you can experience a home retreat!  More details coming soon. Email to get on the list.)

One of the most beloved community herbalists in the world, Rosemary Gladstar has been teaching and writing about herbs for over 40 years. She is the author of twelve books to date including the recently published Herbal Healing for Men. She is the founder (or co-founder ) of Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center & Botanical Sanctuary, United Plant Savers, The International Herb Symposium, The New England Women’s Herbal Conference and Traditional Medicinal Tea Company. Rosemary radiates beauty, passion, and a great zest for life. What a treat to have her reveal her secrets of health and vitality to us.  You will also learn how to make some of her famous formulas for vibrant health. Come be inspired, entertained and empowered by her wisdom, charm, and grace.

Throughout the weekend we’ll embody the qualities of the flowers as we envision growth, power and renewal. Nancy will lead us through a gentle flower themed yoga practice designed for all levels including beginners. Connect to your own inner strength, beauty and radiance.  Use this retreat as an opportunity to release the old and make space for what wants to blossom within and around you. Stroll into the herb gardens and meadow to learn about powerful but gentle medicinal flowers.  Connecting with Nature, Spirit, and our own radiant core we will nourish and heal ourselves and become a strong source of strength and beauty on the planet. 

Cost $250 includes teachings, materials and a delightful lunch on both days

If you’d like to secure your spot but are not able to pay in full right now click here to pay your non-refundable $100 deposit. 

Join Rosemary and Nancy for this unforgettable Radiant Women Retreat designed to inspire, nurture, educate and replenish you.

Radiant Women Retreat: Stand Like a Tree
with  Kate Gilday and Nancy Phillips
Dates: October 16-17, 2021    This retreat is sold out, email to get on the waiting list. HeartsongFarmWellness@gmail.com

Kate Gilday    With a voice like an angel and a radiant heart to match, Kate is a joy and a healing force just to be around. She is a clinical herbalist, flower essence practitioner and creator, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and teacher. A creative medicine maker, Kate is the cofounder of Woodland Essence, a forest botanicals and flower essence company and workshop center. Kate is well-loved for the clarity and clinical relevance gleaned from decades of experience in her teachings. 

Kate will help deepen our understanding of Ayurveda philosophy and practices as well as share her love and the healing secrets of the forest. She’ll also teach us the meditative art of making pine needle baskets. Nancy will lead us through a gentle yoga practice and take us into the kitchen to prepare healing foods and herbal preparations that help us stay in balance during the fall and winter months. Using the trees as our inspiration, we’ll practice yoga and breath work to help us root and ground to Mother Earth as we connect and cultivate our own inner strength, courage, and flexibility. Connecting with Nature, Spirit, and our own radiant core we heal ourselves and become a radiant source of strength for others and the planet. 

To make sure everyone feels at ease we are limiting the number of people attending in person and asking that you be fully vaccinated or have a recent negative Covid test.

 Cost $250 for the in person retreat includes, teachings, materials and delightful lunches

If you’d like to secure your spot but are not able to pay in full right now click here to pay your non-refundable $100 deposit. 

We want to make the teachings available to more people, so a recording of this event will be offered as a Home Retreat. Email if you would like to get on the list for the online version, which will be available on this site later in the fall. 

Join Kate and Nancy for this unforgettable Radiant Women Retreat designed to inspire, nurture, educate and replenish you.

Healing the Healers Retreat

Guest teacher Rocío Alarcón of The IAMOE Center, Ecuador

Dates: August 27-29 , 2021

Interactive Online Event Hosted by Heartsong Farm Wellness Center.

Join us for this weekend of rejuvenation and celebration. Together we will cleanse, strengthen, and empower ourselves so we can go back to our families, our communities and be a force for good in our world!

What a great pleasure and honor to host Rocío, sister of the heart, here at Heartsong Farm! Powerful teacher, ethno-botanist, and skillful healer, Rocío Alarcón brings the indigenous wisdom of the Andes Mountains and the tropical rainforest of Ecuador. 

Rocío offers the gift of using simple but powerful rituals incorporating the healing power of the plants into our daily lives and for special healing ceremonies. 

All are welcome, and we especially invite the healers that have studied with Rocío before and have a longing to take their learning deeper. We will use the rituals and ceremonies to heal ourselves, each other, and bless and heal our earth.

This treasured weekend with Rocío takes place during the time the luscious apples will be hanging from the branches. Rocío has a strong healing connection with the apple trees and will lead us in using the trees and apples as part of our healing practices.

An Ethno-pharmacologist, Ethno-botanist, extraordinary teacher and traditional healer, Rocío has spent over 40 years working with ethnic groups in the tropical rainforest and Andes Mountains of Ecuador and in the Basque Country, Spain. She has contributed to various Amazonian and Andes indigenous communities and has collaborated with international organizations including the Wildlife Conservation Society, Care and The Nature Conservancy establishing economic opportunities for local people with products from the forest. Rocío is renowned and beloved worldwide for her caring, loving and passionate approach to people, plants and nature.

Rocio is determined to be with us despite a travel ban which prevents us from meeting in person. We are preparing a truly special weekend of events for you and other participants. Some parts of the event will be recorded and available as an online program, but the emphasis is on our connection. Come prepared to meet new friends, reconnect with familiar faces, or find a brand new community of healers.


Registration and ongoing access is $195. Register here

Proceeds from this event support Rocio’s work at the Iamoe Center and in the Andes Mountains with the hummingbirds, and include an immersive weekend experience where you will connect with other healers, learn healing practices, and incorporate Rocio’s lessons into your daily life at home.


Healing the Healers Retreat

Guest teacher Rocío Alarcón of The IAMOE Center