We have almost a foot of snow, but blessed spring inches closer and closer. Just as the seeds are preparing to sprout below the earth and the sap is starting to run, new energy and excitement is growing here at Heartsong Farm for the coming year. We have a wonderful lineup of classes, retreats, and educational opportunities we can’t wait to share with you.

A year has passed since Michael slipped out on a cold winter’s night and passed through the veil. We miss him dearly, yet feel his presence every day. We are grateful for all he did for us, the greater community, and the planet. We are also grateful for all the love, support, and encouragement we have received this past year from all of you. Thank you. With that support we are getting back on our feet carrying on, learning, and evolving. As many of you know from experience yourselves, grief can intermingle with joy and gratitude.

We are happy and honored to carry on with the vision of Heartsong Farm. Gracie and I continue to grow healthy fruit and herbs for our community. We offer classes for those who want to learn about holistic gardening and orcharding practices and how to better incorporate herbs into their lives as food and medicine.

We are also excited to be hosting retreat weekends again this year. Retreats are an opportunity for us to connect deeply to the land and Spirit, come together in community, and spend in-depth time studying with beloved herbal teachers and mentors.

It makes my heart happy that Gracie is teaching with me this year as well as an awesome lineup of guest teachers.

We are grateful to be an integral part of a community of kindred spirits who like to gather and support health for people and the planet. We invite you to join us.

In health and healing,
Nancy and Gracie

P.S. Thanks for forwarding this email to others that could benefit.

Heartsong farm classes and events are back!

Thank you for supporting our small family farm. We are actively seeking donations to enable us to offer scholarships to folks who want to learn but don’t have the resources to attend our workshops, courses, and apprenticeships.

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times 2023

8-Month Immersion Course into the Mystical and Healing Wisdom of Herbalism, Yoga, and Ayurveda

with Nancy and Gracie Phillips

Guest Teachers: Rosemary Gladstar, Amy Goodman Kiefer, Lisa Plourde, & Andrea Thibaudeau

Nancy and Gracie are happy to team up to offer this eight-month course where we share the skills to become a successful home herbalist who can improve the health of your whole family. The ancient teachings and practices of yoga and Ayurveda will be woven into our learning. We meet one Saturday a month from April through November at Heartsong Farm. Come join our circle of kindred spirits to deepen your connection to the Earth, learn, share, and evolve.

LEARN MORE HERE: https://heartsongfarmwellness.com/workshops-and-courses/#ancient

Holistic Orchard Intensive Workshop

Hands-on learning with Todd Parlo

Dates: June 17 & 18, 2023

For many years Michael has offered a popular apple intensive weekend here at our Lost Nation Orchard.  This year we invited Todd Parlo of Walden Heights Nursery and Orchard to carry on this tradition as our featured teacher.  Todd is an experienced teacher whose orchard work and philosophy aligns with ours.

This “organic apple everything” weekend with Todd will inspire you to pursue your own orchard dreams. Come gain the practical insights needed to establish your own fruit planting based on the holistic systems approach used here at Lost Nation Orchard.

LEARN MORE HERE: https://heartsongfarmwellness.com/workshops-and-courses/#ancient

Holistic Orchard Apprenticeship Program!

We are also offering an apple apprenticeship program for a limited number of people who would like to learn more about growing apples holistically. We have a team of expert mentors who will be sharing valuable knowledge and hands-on learning. Inquire here for more details.


Radiant Women Retreats

Keeping your Brain Brilliant

with Charis Lindrooth and Nancy Phillips
Dates: July 15 and 16th, 2023

We all want our brains to be healthy and vibrant, and during this weekend retreat, we’ll learn strategies to do just that.  If you are experiencing or are concerned about brain fog, memory loss, poor concentration, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, or other brain-related imbalances, come learn tools to reclaim and preserve your brain’s health and vitality.

The brilliant and inspiring Charis Lindrooth will join Nancy to enlighten us on current research, lifestyle choices, and daily practices that enhance brain health.

LEARN MORE HERE:  https://heartsongfarmwellness.com/retreats/#radiant

Flower Essence Practitioner Training

with Kate Gilday of Woodland Essence
Dates: AUGUST 4-6, 2023

This is a wonderful opportunity to deeply connect to the spirit and essence of the plants and become skilled in this healing modality. Kate is a wise and joyful teacher, just being around her is uplifting and enrichening.

On completion of this three-day Intensive, (and three Zoom classes to be scheduled before our August weekend), participants will be adept at preparing, choosing, and using flower essences for personal care, in their current healthcare practice, along with supporting their family and community.

LEARN MORE HERE: https://heartsongfarmwellness.com/workshops-and-courses/

Healing the Healers

Guest teacher Rocío Alarcón of The IAMOE Center, Ecuador

Coming in person to Heartsong Farm Wellness Center.

Dates: September 8, 9, and 10, 2023

Join us for this weekend of rejuvenation and celebration with Rocío Alarcón.

What a great pleasure and honor to host Rocío, powerful teacher, ethnobotanist, and skillful healer, Rocío Alarcón brings the indigenous wisdom of the Andes Mountains and the tropical rainforest of Ecuador. Rocío offers the gift of using simple but powerful healing techniques into our daily lives for our own health, the health of our families, communities, and the planet.

LEARN MORE HERE : https://heartsongfarmwellness.com/healing-the-healers/

We have more offerings hatching (farm-to-table dinners, online and in-person cooking classes, yoga retreats, garden teas, apple work days and gatherings, and more) so stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing you here at Heartsong Farm!