Mycorrhizal Planet: How Fungi and Plants Work Together to Create Dynamic Soils


by Michael Phillips

Many people want to grow fruit but lack the insight to be successful orchardists. Growing tree fruits and berries is something anyone with passionate desire can do — given wise guidance and a personal commitment to observe the teachings of the trees.

The Holistic Orchard demystifies the basic skills everybody should know about the inner-workings of the orchard ecosystem, including soil biology and organic health management. Detailed insights on grafting, planting, pruning, and choosing the right varieties for your climate are also included, along with a step-by-step instructional calendar to guide growers through the entire orchard year.

Michael Phillips completely changed the conversation about healthy orcharding with his first bestselling book, The Apple Grower, and now he takes that dialogue even further, drawing connections between home orcharding and permaculture; the importance of native pollinators and beneficial allies; the world of understory plantings with shade-tolerant berry bushes; detailed information on cover crops and biodiversity; and the newest research on safe, locally-inspired solutions to pest and disease challenges.

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by Michael Phillips

Published by Chelsea Green Publishing

$40 Hardcover Edition

Regenerative practices for the farm, garden, orchard, forest, and landscape. Mycorrhizal fungi have been waiting a long time for people to catch on. How these symbiotic organisms enhance plant health is absolutely stunning. Nutrients are delivered by means of “fungus-root” synergy. A boost to green immune function helps keep disease at bay. Expansive fungal networks bring resiliency to ecosystems. Soil aggregate formation addresses carbon flow. Yet for the longest time, we have ignored basic soil biology and instead disturbed ecosystems at our own peril. Time to change all that, and fast! Join with us to catch this mycelial wave and work towards a tomorrow for generations to come.

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